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Disabilities & Conditions of Aging Network - July 2022

On Thursday, July 28th, 2022, Advocates Personal Care hosted the second meeting of the new Disabilities and Conditions of Aging Network. With a loose agenda, topics ranged from education for children with disabilities to managing assets to meet eligibility for support services as conditions of aging present themselves, and several others in between. The goal of the Disabilities and Conditions of Aging Network is to regularly connect providers and individuals who make up the community of People with Disabilities, which includes Conditions of Aging, to better serve those whose self-defined independence we are here to support. Due to both technical difficulties and (full disclosure) a bit of covid related confusion, we were only able to capture a 45-minute excerpt of the meeting...

The next meeting will be held via zoom on Thursday, August 25th, at 10am. and can be accessed via the following link (please feel free to share with any who might be interested):

Meeting ID: 880 0289 5785

Passcode: 665711

If you would like time on the August agenda to share your activities, celebrations, or community news and concerns with the network, please email before 4pm on Wednesday, August 24th. If you have referrals for Advocates Personal Care, please send those to

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