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Mission & Vision

Walking Spirit’s mission is to enhance the diversity, equity, and inclusion of our communities through evaluation, education, and adaptation with a radical hospitality approach to emphasize and maintain focus on the dignity, respect, and resiliency of all people of all abilities. 

Walking Spirit’s vision is a resilient world where people of all disabilities, across all other demographics can independently interact with their loved ones and community in all aspects of life including home, school, work, travel, lodging, dinning, entertainment, exercise, recreation, and faith.


Where I Specialize

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Accessibility, Hospitality, & Outreach

Let Walking Spirit be your partner to help your organization assess and prepare your facilities to best meet the needs of today's accessibility challenges; with a focus on hospitality to emphasize and support the dignity of your internal and external guests, clients, and consumers.  We offer a range of practical assessment based on the changing legislative landscape, but more importantly, based on the real-world needs of everyday individuals who face a myriad of accessibility challenges.

Advocacy & Inspirational Speaking

I’ve been an advocate for accessibility since 2005.  If you've followed my personal journey, you will know that I am passionate about ensuring equality and accessibility is a right and not a privilege.  I believe in sharing my story and unique personal and professional experience to ensure that we all live a resilient life.


In the Press

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Rotary Disability Advisors Group Members Engaged Actively in Serving People with Disabillities

Voting Day.jpg

More people with disabilities voting in this election nationwide

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Ensuring everyone has equal access to the ballot box - That includes disabled voters

June 14, 2021

Four members of the Rotary Disabilities Advisers Group, one of District 7910's newest cause-related committees, are actively engaged in service of people with disabilities.

November 3, 2020

The presidential election has seen a high turnout for voters with disabilities, despite COVID-19 concerns. That’s according to a new survey from Easterseals.

November 2, 2020

Making a plan to vote safely has been tougher for many this year because of the pandemic. However, voters with disabilities are used to thinking ahead. Jeremy Warriner is one of them.


Friends Pitch In For Indy Man's High-Tech Legs


Auto Industry Bankruptcies Leave Defect Victims Behind - CNN Interview


Chrysler bankruptcy impacts consumer lawsuits, pension plans

October 10, 2014

A life changing car accident nine years ago left Indianapolis’ Jeremy Warriner a double amputee. Warriner’s friends are helping him fundraise for his third set of prosthetic legs that carry a combined price tag of over $100,000.

September 10, 2009

Jeremy Warriner is interviewed by CNN during the Congressional Judiciary Committee Hearings on the Auto Industry Bankruptcies, regarding the impact on pending lawsuits of people who had lost life and limb due to defects in vehicles.

June 1, 2009

Walking with hydraulic prosthetics, Jeremy Warriner can appreciate good engineering and design. He's on his third set of legs in three years. He lost his birth pair in a fiery crash in October 2005 and believes a highly flammable plastic brake fluid container in his Jeep Wrangler is to blame. Now he wants the right to face Chrysler in court.


Acquiring a Disability

Jeremy Warriner is a consultant in accessibility, hospitality management, and outreach. Based in Indianapolis, he's a motivational speaker with a focus on Disability Awareness: Finding Strength in Traumatic Events.

Watch - Becoming Disabled - his story of before and after losing his legs in a car accident.

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Walking Spirit Client Testimonials

  • "I've found Jeremy to be an outstanding inspirational speaker, he connects extremely well with audiences by sharing his own experiences and his passion and spirit are contagious".

  • "I've been impressed with Jeremy's knowledge of the hospitality industry from his previous career in hotel management, he would be an asset to any organization looking for a consultant or speaker to help improve their customer service and motivate their employees".

  • "Jeremy is a strong storyteller, inspired speaker and thoughtful listener.  He is well organized and prepared.  Jeremy can be counted on to do what he says he will do.  He raises the conversation and focus of a group's discussion and work, and challenges others to expand beyond perceived limitations or practices. He helps others - individuals and organizations - reach for the best".

  • “I've had the good fortune of hearing Jeremy speak publicly. He has an inspiring story to share and is able to really engage and connect with his audiences. He is dedicated to improving independence for people with disabilities, and his story promotes this.”

  • "Jeremy Warriner is an awesome Inspirational Speaker! He was the Keynote Speaker at the Statewide Assistive Technology Conference, sponsored by the INDATA Project at Easter Seals Crossroads. He is an eloquent speaker with an inspirational story of his own. Jeremy inspires his audiences with truth, sincerity and a positive attitude about regaining independence. Jeremy has an infectious “can do” attitude that will spread through the audience, uplift and inspire all".

  • "Jeremy is an active advocate who makes no qualms about taking a leadership role to help our society grow more inclusive. His community service and advocacy work is matched by few. Jeremy is always one of the first to volunteer on projects to enhance accessibility.  I highly recommend Jeremy as an Inspirational Speaker and community service provider".

  • "I have sat back and watched Jeremy captivate audiences of all ages, from children to seniors, using his amazing gift of storytelling. He delivers a powerful message and moves those who hear his message toward empowerment, no matter who they are".

  • "Jeremy is passionate about disability advocacy and uses his incredible communication skills to educate and persuade policy and law makers, and community leaders. He understands the importance of working with others who share his commitment to building a better community and is highly respected by his colleagues, including me. I enthusiastically recommend Jeremy; you can do no better".


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