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Inspirational Speaking Presentation Topics

Walking Spirit’s Inspirational Speaking Topics include but are not limited to:

  • Personal Disability Origin Story – Identifying as a Burn Survivor & Amputee

  • Adapting to Life with an Acquired Disability

  • Acquiring Disabilities as a Family

  • Confronting Suicidal Thoughts, Tendencies, & Ideation

  • Pain Management & Quality of Life

  • Blood, Tissue, & Organ Donation – The Perspective of a Recipient

  • Finding Strength in Traumatic Events

  • Psychological Impact of an Acquired Physical Disability

  • Resilient Life - Strength of the Body, Knowledge of the Mind, & Honesty of the Heart

  • Advocacy – Self and Systemic Needs

  • Disability as an Aspect of Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, & Belonging – Add the “A”

  • Why Accessible DEIB is Vital to Service Operations – Hospitality & Customer Service

  • Acquiring Cultures in Life – Disability as a Global Minority with a Cultural History

  • Diversity of Disability – Physical, Intellectual, & Developmental; Acquired or Natural

  • Language of Disability – Person First or Identity First?

  • Talking with Children about Disability

  • Intimacy & Disabilities

  • Assistive Technology & Independence

  • Community Resources for People with Disabilities

  • Understanding and Utilizing the Americans with Disabilities Act

  • Best Practices for Employing & Working alongside People with Disabilities

  • Reasonable Accommodations vs. Undue Hardships

  • Inspiration Exploitation vs Education, Adaptation, & Growth

  • Disabilities in Media – Perceptions Painted by News & Entertainment

  • Ableism & Discrimination

  • Travel with Disabilities

  • Disabilities in Outer Space – Reality & Science Fiction

Please note, this is by no means meant to be an exhaustive list of topics covered in Walking Spirit’s presentations.  The lived Disability Experience applies to all aspects of life and provides a unique perspective on everything.  While these topics provide focus for the overall conversation, Walking Spirit does not script its presentations and actively engages the audience to meet their interests.  Presentations may include one or more of these topics, or veer into unexpected focus areas as needed

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Sample Presentation Segment
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