Survival Day #16, A Year of Loss and Discovery

This year, Survival Day began at 1:45am when a searing phantom pain disrupted my precious sleep. Awareness dawned before physical reaction and I was able to clamp down on the rising scream before it erupted into the night. Irena still slept beside me. I propped myself up on an elbow, wondering if that was just a single pain, or the beginning of an onslaught. Within seconds a follow up pain, more intense than the first, burned through the space where my lower left leg shoul

A Renaissance Fair, A Concert, & The Feast of the Hunter's Moon

The past three weekends have been full of public events for Irena and I. One of the ongoing stressors for people with disabilities is attending public events. Especially when they are in unfamiliar territory or uncontrolled conditions. For some, the level of fear can become paralyzing, creating a border of frustration and isolation between themselves, their loved ones, and their community. For others, it creates a challenge, a deterrent that we must push through to fully